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The Feathered Leopard

'PlantLife' Series Tooled Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case

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1st Edition 'PlantLife' Series - Snake Plant Scene I

Now your plants can be with you all the time! (and no maintenance!! haha) Handcrafted original designs by The Feathered Leopard. Customize your iPhone with this unique tooled leather backed case, featuring a hand painted Snake Plant, Fern + Pothos scene. All phone cases are made of flexible, black rubber, with Leather encased backing. These are sturdy and long lasting (time tested!).

Model: iPhone 11 Pro
Colors: Black
No. 10-04-0160

Phone Cases feature the following:

  • 3-4oz European Veg Tan Leather front + backing
  • Individually hand cut, tooled, dyed and painted
  • Smooth, finished edges
  • Leather treated with Mink Oil and ‘weatherproof’

(This is a premade item and will ship within 2 business days.)